A frog into bank

A frog goes into a bank and hops up to a teller. He can see from her name plate that she is called Patricia Whack,
so he says "Ms. Whack, I'd like to borrow $30,000, please."

The teller asks for his name and the frog replies that he is Kermit Jagger, son of Mick

Jagger, and a personal friend of the bank manager.

Unconvinced, Ms. Whack explains she will need some identity and also some security against his loan.

The frog produces a tiny pink porcelain elephant and hands it to her.

The confused teller says she will have to consult with her manager.

'There's a frog called Kermit Jagger at the counter who wants to borrow £30,000," she tells her boss. "And what do you think this elephant is about?"

The manager looks back at her and says "It's a knick-knack, Patti Whack, give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone.'

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