Wind Sure Does Blow

A visitor asked a West Texas cowboy, "Do you ever get tornadoes out here?" The cowboy replied, "Yeah, we had one a while back, but it ran into a sandstorm outside of town and got ripped to pieces." The wind blows so hard out in West Texas that at a drive-in theater it once blew Gene Autry right out of the saddle."

A visitor to Amarillo asked a local rancher, "How do you stand the wind blowing every single day?" The rancher said, "You just have to get used to it -- learn to lean into it. In fact, one day last fall the wind stopped blowing all of a sudden, and all the cattle in the panhandle plumb fell over."

It was so windy the prairie dogs were digging holes 40 feet in the air.

During a period of heavy sandstorms, a rancher visited his banker and applied for a loan. The banker warned him, "I'll have to come out and inspect the property first." The rancher replied, "That won't be necessary. Here it comes now."

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