Retirement home

A son takes his father to the retirement home. Grandpa doesn't want to go, but the family insists.

On the first night, Grandpa is settling in when a gorgeous nurse enters and tucks him in. Grandpa gets a hard-on, she sees it, and she climbs aboard. The next morning Grandpa calls his son and tells him he's changed his mind. Now he likes the retirement home.

The next night Grandpa is heading for bed when he trips and falls face first on the floor. A big male orderly sees him, drops his trousers, and sodomises the old man. The next morning, Grandpa calls his son again and tells him he no longer likes the retirement home.

"But yesterday you told me you loved it there..." says the son.

"Yeah, but you don't understand. I only get an erection once a month, but I fall down nearly every day."

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