Warning Signs

Warning Signs of Insanity for Programmers.

1. You stay up all night coding only to realize that you haven't had any caffeine in about 6 hours.

2. You wonder why on earth anyone would make a programming language conform to such absolutely bizarre rules of grammar but in a strange way it actually begins to make sense.

3. You start dreaming in recursion (if you have any time to dream).

4. You realize not only is it daytime but your project is due in 2 hours, which isn't enough time to even begin running it.

5. You start customizing your environment because you want it "just right" (and because further work on the program is futile).

6. You wonder when the invasion will begin.

7. You understand 8.

8. You start signing your name in octal (or binary) just because.

9. You know more programming commands than actual words.

10. You realize that you have reached the end, and there is no closing command.

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