Stall Etiquette

I was traveling down the interstate when I had to make a pit stop at a rest stop. The first toilet stall was occupied, so I went into the second one.

I was no sooner seated than I heard a voice from the next stall say, "Hi, how are you doing?"

Well, I am not the type to chat with strangers and especially under those conditions ... and I really don't know quite what possessed me, but I answered, "Not bad."

And the stranger said, "And, what are you up to?"

Talk about your dumb questions! I was really beginning to think this was too weird! So I said, "Well, just like you I am driving South"

Then, I heard the stranger get all upset and say, "Look, I'll call you right back, there is some idiot in the next stall answering all the questions I am asking you. Bye!"

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