Man and a priest

One day, a man and a priest were playing golf and the man had a 3 foot putt.
He took the shot and missed,
"Oh Bugger I missed," he shouted.

The priest then said,
"Look. If you swear, God will send a lightning bolt from Heaven and it will strike you down."

The man acknowledged and then continued to play. Later on the man had a 2 foot putt. He missed again and shouted,
"Bugger! I missed."
The priest again said,
"Listen to me, if you swear God will strike you down."

They played on. A few holes later the man had a 1 foot putt. He lined up the shot...
and missed.
"Oh Bugger, I missed," he shouted. Then, a lightning bolt came down and hit the priest.
"Oh Bugger, I missed," said God.

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